All our products are custom built, professionally installed and are backed with the Save-A-Deck quality guarantee. All our work and materials are guaranteed for up to 25 years. Our designers can create virtually whatever you can imagine. See also

Vinyl Flooring

Save-A-Deck vinyl is used to weatherproof and protect any structure from moisture and rot. There is no need for sanding, staining, or painting with Save-A-Deck maintenance free vinyl
Our vinyl is non-toxic, acid resistant, fire resistant, slip resistant, fade resistant, 100% waterproof, mildew resistant and rot resistant. Water runs off the surface and never pools. It is easy to clean, just hose it off or use a pressure washer. This attractive material is available in many different colors and textures, enabling you to pick the one that is right for you. It can be installed over your existing deck, patio or balcony.

Maintenance free outdoor living

Whether you want to improve the appearance of your existing deck that has taken years of abuse, maintenance, and expense, or whether you have just built a new deck and want to protect the resale value of your investment.  Don’t settle for less, get the ultimate maintenance free sundeck protection, and start using your deck the way it was designed to be used.

Aluminum Railings

Save-A-Deck’s aluminum railings are engineered for your safety and made from the highest quality materials; which, is 43 times stronger than wood.  Since aluminum will not absorb moisture, it will not rust as steel, or decay as wood does. Add tough  powder coat finish that will not crack, peel, or chip and you get a railing that is maintenance free; which, will give it a long and happy life improving the look and value of your home. 

Clean elegant lines combined with a virtually unobscured view make it the right choice for both commercial or residential applications. All Save-A-Deck railings are designed to be interchangeable, the railing may be all glass all picket or a combination of the two.


Save-A-Deck® will add years of life to your patio and enjoyment to your outdoor living.

  • Are you tired of spending your summer days sanding and staining your deck, trying desperately to breathe some life back into it?
  • Do you feel like ripping out the old deck and just starting over?

Taking the punishment your deck was built for!

Save-A-Deck is a company on the cutting edge of vinyl decking and aluminum railing technology.  They are capable of fixing and covering an old deck, or patio with low maintenance product designed to far outlast pressure-treated wood. Save-A-Deck vinyl decking can, in most cases, be applied right over existing wood, concrete and fiberglass surfaces, rejuvenating sundecks, pool decks, boat docks, handicap ramps, and stairs.
“It’s virtually maintenance-free,” says Rock Berube, company president and who has been installing decking for more than 20 years – from Inuvik to Australia. “You’re looking at a 30 plus year life expectancy with vinyl.” With Save-A-Deck vinyl surfacing, you don’t have to worry about rot and having to stain the surface every few years. Vinyl surfacing won’t rot, won’t fade and is fire and slip resistant. It comes in a variety of colors, so it’s easy to match it up to your home’s decor.
“We can build a deck from the ground up, to your specifications, or we can cover up an existing deck”,said Berube. “Anything you can imagine, we can create it.” Save-A-Deck vinyl decking holds its value and will add greatly to the resale value of residential and commercial property. Save-A-Deck also installs aluminum, glass and picket custom high strength railings for decks and patios that are sure to enhance the beauty of your home. “No job is too big or too small,” said Berube. “Most residential jobs, after they have been designed, can be completed in a day.”



1.  Can I install Save-A-Deck on my own?

No. Save-A-Deck is installed by a network of fully trained applicators. They are trained in waterproofing techniques and building codes to ensure you are getting the best quality installation available. For this reason we are able to offer the industries best warranty.

2.  How do you clean Save-A-Deck?

It is best to clean your Save-A-Deck surface at least 2 times a year to maintain its appearance. You can use hot water with a mild soap and scrub it with a soft bristle brush. For more difficult stains you can dilute some household cleaner. Be sure not to let any chemicals sit on the vinyl surface and to rinse well with fresh water.

3.  Can I put a de-icer on Save-A-Deck in the winter?

Yes. Rock Salt, Kitty Litter and various other snow-melting chemicals can be used on your Save-A-Deck surface. We do caution, however, that you clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water and flushed clear prior to letting the heat of the spring sun ‘bake’ any chemical into the surface.

4.  How much does Save-A-Deck cost?

There are a number of different thickness’, patterns and textures to chose from. You will have to contact your nearest Applicator to get an estimate for your Save-A-Deck. or call Head Office –1-866-313-DECK (3325). Or Email

5.  How long will my Save-A-Deck deck last?

With proper care and cleaning your Save-A-Deck deck could last up to 25-35 years.

Accurailing Aluminum Railings

This is our most extensive and flexible aluminum railing system, allowing the installer to handle any standard or custom installation.  The two main types of railings are glass panel system consisting of an aluminum frame with tempered glass panels; and a picket system that uses pickets in place of glass.

1.  What Top Rails are available?

We feature both an extruded aluminum Round Top Rail and Square Top Rail. By using either top.

2.  What type of Post Mountings are available?

Both our larger and smaller aluminum posts can be configured to attach to the deck either on the top surface or on the fascia (the side of the deck).

3.  What does maintenance-free railings mean?

Accurailing’s railings are made of aluminum (will not rust) and the exposed surfaces are finished with a powder-coat finish.  Wooden railings, even when painted or stained, are likely to rot, decay, peel or fade, and are prone to a build up of mold and mildew.

Accurailings aluminum railings virtually eliminate maintenance problems associated with old wooden railings.  No painting, no repainting, no rust, no priming, no staining, no recoats….we could go on.  If you’ve ever spent the time required (every year!) to maintain a wooden railing, you will truly appreciate being able to devote your time to something more pleasing to you.

4.  What is “Powder Coating” and why use it?

Powder Coating is one of the most durable exterior finishes available today.  It is used on many metal items that are exposed to the weather because, as a finish, it is the best way to insure durability, weather resistance, and color retention.  A powder coat finish is part paint and part polyester sealer/resin.  The finish is applied as a powder, electro statically, and while held to the metal this way, is baked in an oven.  It is baked at a hot enough temperature so, in effect, the outside layer of the metal fuses with the melted powder forming a hard, weather-resistant finish.